Generating linear orders for datatypes


Title: Generating linear orders for datatypes
Author: René Thiemann (rene /dot/ thiemann /at/ uibk /dot/ ac /dot/ at)
Submission date: 2012-08-07
Abstract: We provide a framework for registering automatic methods to derive class instances of datatypes, as it is possible using Haskell's ``deriving Ord, Show, ...'' feature.

We further implemented such automatic methods to derive (linear) orders or hash-functions which are required in the Isabelle Collection Framework. Moreover, for the tactic of Huffman and Krauss to show that a datatype is countable, we implemented a wrapper so that this tactic becomes accessible in our framework.

Our formalization was performed as part of the IsaFoR/CeTA project. With our new tactic we could completely remove tedious proofs for linear orders of two datatypes.

This development is aimed at datatypes generated by the "old_datatype" command.

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License: BSD License
Depends on: Deriving, Native_Word
Used by: Higher_Order_Terms, WOOT_Strong_Eventual_Consistency
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