Light-weight Containers

Andreas Lochbihler 🌐 with contributions from René Thiemann 🌐

April 15, 2013

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This development provides a framework for container types like sets and maps such that generated code implements these containers with different (efficient) data structures. Thanks to type classes and refinement during code generation, this light-weight approach can seamlessly replace Isabelle's default setup for code generation. Heuristics automatically pick one of the available data structures depending on the type of elements to be stored, but users can also choose on their own. The extensible design permits to add more implementations at any time.

To support arbitrary nesting of sets, we define a linear order on sets based on a linear order of the elements and provide efficient implementations. It even allows to compare complements with non-complements.


BSD License


March 5, 2018
add two application examples: depth-first search and 2SAT (revision e5e1a1da2411)
July 8, 2014
add support for going from partial functions to mappings (revision 7a6fc957e8ed)
September 20, 2013
provide generators for canonical type class instantiations (revision 159f4401f4a8 by René Thiemann)
July 11, 2013
add pretty printing for sets (revision 7f3f52c5f5fa)


Session Containers

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