Category Theory for ZFC in HOL I: Foundations: Design Patterns, Set Theory, Digraphs, Semicategories

Mihails Milehins 📧

September 6, 2021

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This article provides a foundational framework for the formalization of category theory in the object logic ZFC in HOL of the formal proof assistant Isabelle. More specifically, this article provides a formalization of canonical set-theoretic constructions internalized in the type V associated with the ZFC in HOL, establishes a design pattern for the formalization of mathematical structures using sequences and locales, and showcases the developed infrastructure by providing formalizations of the elementary theories of digraphs and semicategories. The methodology chosen for the formalization of the theories of digraphs and semicategories (and categories in future articles) rests on the ideas that were originally expressed in the article Set-Theoretical Foundations of Category Theory written by Solomon Feferman and Georg Kreisel. Thus, in the context of this work, each of the aforementioned mathematical structures is represented as a term of the type V embedded into a stage of the von Neumann hierarchy.


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