Theory Cardinal_Arithmetic

(*  Title:      HOL/Cardinals/Cardinal_Arithmetic.thy
    Author:     Dmitriy Traytel, TU Muenchen
    Copyright   2012

Cardinal arithmetic.

section ‹Cardinal Arithmetic›

theory Cardinal_Arithmetic
  imports Cardinal_Order_Relation

subsection ‹Binary sum›

lemma csum_Cnotzero2:
  "Cnotzero r2  Cnotzero (r1 +c r2)"
  unfolding csum_def
  by (metis Cnotzero_imp_not_empty Field_card_of Plus_eq_empty_conv card_of_card_order_on czeroE)

lemma single_cone:
  "|{x}| =o cone"
proof -
  let ?f = "λx. ()"
  have "bij_betw ?f {x} {()}" unfolding bij_betw_def by auto
  thus ?thesis unfolding cone_def using card_of_ordIso by blast

lemma cone_Cnotzero: "Cnotzero cone"
  by (simp add: cone_not_czero Card_order_cone)

lemma cone_ordLeq_ctwo: "cone ≤o ctwo"
  unfolding cone_def ctwo_def card_of_ordLeq[symmetric] by auto

lemma csum_czero1: "Card_order r  r +c czero =o r"
  unfolding czero_def csum_def Field_card_of
  by (rule ordIso_transitive[OF ordIso_symmetric[OF card_of_Plus_empty1] card_of_Field_ordIso])

lemma csum_czero2: "Card_order r  czero +c r =o r"
  unfolding czero_def csum_def Field_card_of
  by (rule ordIso_transitive[OF ordIso_symmetric[OF card_of_Plus_empty2] card_of_Field_ordIso])

subsection ‹Product›

lemma Times_cprod: "|A × B| =o |A| *c |B|"
  by (simp only: cprod_def Field_card_of card_of_refl)

lemma card_of_Times_singleton:
  fixes A :: "'a set"
  shows "|A × {x}| =o |A|"
proof -
  define f :: "'a × 'b  'a" where "f = (λ(a, b). a)"
  have "A  f ` (A × {x})" unfolding f_def by (auto simp: image_iff)
  hence "bij_betw f (A × {x}) A"  unfolding bij_betw_def inj_on_def f_def by fastforce
  thus ?thesis using card_of_ordIso by blast

lemma cprod_assoc: "(r *c s) *c t =o r *c s *c t"
  unfolding cprod_def Field_card_of by (rule card_of_Times_assoc)

lemma cprod_czero: "r *c czero =o czero"
  unfolding cprod_def czero_def Field_card_of by (simp add: card_of_empty_ordIso)

lemma cprod_cone: "Card_order r  r *c cone =o r"
  unfolding cprod_def cone_def Field_card_of
  by (metis (no_types) card_of_Field_ordIso card_of_Times_singleton ordIso_transitive)

lemma ordLeq_cprod1: "Card_order p1; Cnotzero p2  p1 ≤o p1 *c p2"
  unfolding cprod_def by (metis Card_order_Times1 czeroI)

subsection ‹Exponentiation›

lemma cexp_czero: "r ^c czero =o cone"
  unfolding cexp_def czero_def Field_card_of Func_empty by (rule single_cone)

lemma Pow_cexp_ctwo:
  "|Pow A| =o ctwo ^c |A|"
  by (simp add: card_of_Pow_Func cexp_def ctwo_def)

lemma Cnotzero_cexp:
  assumes "Cnotzero q" 
  shows "Cnotzero (q ^c r)"
proof -
  have "Field q  {}"
    by (metis Card_order_iff_ordIso_card_of assms(1) czero_def)
  then show ?thesis
    by (simp add: card_of_ordIso_czero_iff_empty cexp_def)

lemma Cinfinite_ctwo_cexp:
  "Cinfinite r  Cinfinite (ctwo ^c r)"
  unfolding ctwo_def cexp_def cinfinite_def Field_card_of
  by (rule conjI, rule infinite_Func, auto)

lemma cone_ordLeq_iff_Field:
  assumes "cone ≤o r"
  shows "Field r  {}"
  by (metis assms card_of_empty3 card_of_mono2 cone_Cnotzero czeroI)

lemma cone_ordLeq_cexp: "cone ≤o r1  cone ≤o r1 ^c r2"
  by (simp add: cexp_def cone_def Func_non_emp cone_ordLeq_iff_Field)

lemma Card_order_czero: "Card_order czero"
  by (simp only: card_of_Card_order czero_def)

lemma cexp_mono2'':
  assumes 2: "p2 ≤o r2"
    and n1: "Cnotzero q"
    and n2: "Card_order p2"
  shows "q ^c p2 ≤o q ^c r2"
proof (cases "p2 =o (czero :: 'a rel)")
  case True
  hence "q ^c p2 =o q ^c (czero :: 'a rel)" using n1 n2 cexp_cong2 Card_order_czero by blast
  also have "q ^c (czero :: 'a rel) =o cone" using cexp_czero by blast
  also have "cone ≤o q ^c r2" using cone_ordLeq_cexp cone_ordLeq_Cnotzero n1 by blast
  finally show ?thesis .
  case False thus ?thesis using assms cexp_mono2' czeroI by metis

lemma csum_cexp: "Cinfinite r1; Cinfinite r2; Card_order q; ctwo ≤o q 
  q ^c r1 +c q ^c r2 ≤o q ^c (r1 +c r2)"
  apply (rule csum_cinfinite_bound)
      apply (metis cexp_mono2' cinfinite_def finite.emptyI ordLeq_csum1)
     apply (metis cexp_mono2' cinfinite_def finite.emptyI ordLeq_csum2)
  by (simp_all add: Card_order_cexp Cinfinite_csum1 Cinfinite_cexp cinfinite_cexp)

lemma csum_cexp': "Cinfinite r; Card_order q; ctwo ≤o q  q +c r ≤o q ^c r"
  apply (rule csum_cinfinite_bound)
      apply (metis Cinfinite_Cnotzero ordLeq_cexp1)
     apply (metis ordLeq_cexp2)
    apply blast+
  by (metis Cinfinite_cexp)

lemma card_of_Sigma_ordLeq_Cinfinite:
  "Cinfinite r; |I| ≤o r; i  I. |A i| ≤o r  |SIGMA i : I. A i| ≤o r"
  unfolding cinfinite_def by (blast intro: card_of_Sigma_ordLeq_infinite_Field)

lemma Cinfinite_ordLess_cexp:
  assumes r: "Cinfinite r"
  shows "r <o r ^c r"
proof -
  have "r <o ctwo ^c r" using r by (simp only: ordLess_ctwo_cexp)
  also have "ctwo ^c r ≤o r ^c r"
    by (rule cexp_mono1[OF ctwo_ordLeq_Cinfinite]) (auto simp: r ctwo_not_czero Card_order_ctwo)
  finally show ?thesis .

lemma infinite_ordLeq_cexp:
  assumes "Cinfinite r"
  shows "r ≤o r ^c r"
  by (rule ordLess_imp_ordLeq[OF Cinfinite_ordLess_cexp[OF assms]])

lemma czero_cexp: "Cnotzero r  czero ^c r =o czero"
  by (metis Cnotzero_imp_not_empty cexp_def czero_def card_of_empty_ordIso Field_card_of Func_is_emp)

lemma Func_singleton:
  fixes x :: 'b and A :: "'a set"
  shows "|Func A {x}| =o |{x}|"
proof (rule ordIso_symmetric)
  define f where [abs_def]: "f y a = (if y = x  a  A then x else undefined)" for y a
  have "Func A {x}  f ` {x}" unfolding f_def Func_def by (force simp: fun_eq_iff)
  hence "bij_betw f {x} (Func A {x})" 
    unfolding bij_betw_def inj_on_def f_def Func_def by (auto split: if_split_asm)
  thus "|{x}| =o |Func A {x}|" using card_of_ordIso by blast

lemma cone_cexp: "cone ^c r =o cone"
  unfolding cexp_def cone_def Field_card_of by (rule Func_singleton)

lemma card_of_Func_squared:
  fixes A :: "'a set"
  shows "|Func (UNIV :: bool set) A| =o |A × A|"
proof (rule ordIso_symmetric)
  define f where "f = (λ(x::'a,y) b. if A = {} then undefined else if b then x else y)"
  have "Func (UNIV :: bool set) A  f ` (A × A)" unfolding f_def Func_def
    by (auto simp: image_iff fun_eq_iff split: option.splits if_split_asm) blast
  hence "bij_betw f (A × A) (Func (UNIV :: bool set) A)"
    unfolding bij_betw_def inj_on_def f_def Func_def by (auto simp: fun_eq_iff)
  thus "|A × A| =o |Func (UNIV :: bool set) A|" using card_of_ordIso by blast

lemma cexp_ctwo: "r ^c ctwo =o r *c r"
  unfolding cexp_def ctwo_def cprod_def Field_card_of by (rule card_of_Func_squared)

lemma card_of_Func_Plus:
  fixes A :: "'a set" and B :: "'b set" and C :: "'c set"
  shows "|Func (A <+> B) C| =o |Func A C × Func B C|"
proof (rule ordIso_symmetric)
  define f where "f = (λ(g :: 'a => 'c, h::'b  'c) ab. case ab of Inl a  g a | Inr b  h b)"
  define f' where "f' = (λ(f :: ('a + 'b)  'c). (λa. f (Inl a), λb. f (Inr b)))"
  have "f ` (Func A C × Func B C)  Func (A <+> B) C"
    unfolding Func_def f_def by (force split: sum.splits)
  moreover have "f' ` Func (A <+> B) C  Func A C × Func B C" unfolding Func_def f'_def by force
  moreover have "a  Func A C × Func B C. f' (f a) = a" unfolding f'_def f_def Func_def by auto
  moreover have "a'  Func (A <+> B) C. f (f' a') = a'" unfolding f'_def f_def Func_def
    by (auto split: sum.splits)
  ultimately have "bij_betw f (Func A C × Func B C) (Func (A <+> B) C)"
    by (intro bij_betw_byWitness[of _ f' f])
  thus "|Func A C × Func B C| =o |Func (A <+> B) C|" using card_of_ordIso by blast

lemma cexp_csum: "r ^c (s +c t) =o r ^c s *c r ^c t"
  unfolding cexp_def cprod_def csum_def Field_card_of by (rule card_of_Func_Plus)

subsection ‹Powerset›

definition cpow where "cpow r = |Pow (Field r)|"

lemma card_order_cpow: "card_order r  card_order (cpow r)"
  by (simp only: cpow_def Field_card_order Pow_UNIV card_of_card_order_on)

lemma cpow_greater_eq: "Card_order r  r ≤o cpow r"
  by (rule ordLess_imp_ordLeq) (simp only: cpow_def Card_order_Pow)

lemma Cinfinite_cpow: "Cinfinite r  Cinfinite (cpow r)"
  unfolding cpow_def cinfinite_def by simp

lemma Card_order_cpow: "Card_order (cpow r)"
  unfolding cpow_def by (rule card_of_Card_order)

lemma cardSuc_ordLeq_cpow: "Card_order r  cardSuc r ≤o cpow r"
  unfolding cpow_def by (metis Card_order_Pow cardSuc_ordLess_ordLeq card_of_Card_order)

lemma cpow_cexp_ctwo: "cpow r =o ctwo ^c r"
  unfolding cpow_def ctwo_def cexp_def Field_card_of by (rule card_of_Pow_Func)

subsection ‹Inverse image›

lemma vimage_ordLeq:
  assumes "|A| ≤o k" and " a  A. |vimage f {a}| ≤o k" and "Cinfinite k"
  shows "|vimage f A| ≤o k"
  have "vimage f A = (a  A. vimage f {a})" by auto
  also have "|a  A. vimage f {a}| ≤o k"
    using UNION_Cinfinite_bound[OF assms] .
  finally show ?thesis .

subsection ‹Maximum›

definition cmax where
  "cmax r s =
    (if cinfinite r  cinfinite s then czero +c r +c s
     else natLeq_on (max (card (Field r)) (card (Field s))) +c czero)"

lemma cmax_com: "cmax r s =o cmax s r"
  unfolding cmax_def
  by (auto simp: max.commute intro: csum_cong2[OF csum_com] csum_cong2[OF czero_ordIso])

lemma cmax1:
  assumes "Card_order r" "Card_order s" "s ≤o r"
  shows "cmax r s =o r"
  unfolding cmax_def 
proof (split if_splits, intro conjI impI)
  assume "cinfinite r  cinfinite s"
  hence Cinf: "Cinfinite r" using assms(1,3) by (metis cinfinite_mono)
  have "czero +c r +c s =o r +c s" by (rule csum_czero2[OF Card_order_csum])
  also have "r +c s =o r" by (rule csum_absorb1[OF Cinf assms(3)])
  finally show "czero +c r +c s =o r" .
  assume "¬ (cinfinite r  cinfinite s)"
  hence fin: "finite (Field r)" and "finite (Field s)" unfolding cinfinite_def by simp_all
  { from assms(2) have "|Field s| =o s" by (rule card_of_Field_ordIso)
    also from assms(3) have "s ≤o r" .
    also from assms(1) have "r =o |Field r|" by (rule ordIso_symmetric[OF card_of_Field_ordIso])
    finally have "|Field s| ≤o |Field r|" .
  ultimately have "card (Field s)  card (Field r)" by (subst sym[OF finite_card_of_iff_card2])
  hence "max (card (Field r)) (card (Field s)) = card (Field r)" by (rule max_absorb1)
  hence "natLeq_on (max (card (Field r)) (card (Field s))) +c czero =
    natLeq_on (card (Field r)) +c czero" by simp
  also have " =o natLeq_on (card (Field r))" by (rule csum_czero1[OF natLeq_on_Card_order])
  also have "natLeq_on (card (Field r)) =o |Field r|"
    by (rule ordIso_symmetric[OF finite_imp_card_of_natLeq_on[OF fin]])
  also from assms(1) have "|Field r| =o r" by (rule card_of_Field_ordIso)
  finally show "natLeq_on (max (card (Field r)) (card (Field s))) +c czero =o r" .

lemma cmax2:
  assumes "Card_order r" "Card_order s" "r ≤o s"
  shows "cmax r s =o s"
  by (metis assms cmax1 cmax_com ordIso_transitive)

  fixes r s
  assumes r: "Cinfinite r"
    and     s: "Cinfinite s"

lemma cmax_csum: "cmax r s =o r +c s"
  by (simp add: Card_order_csum cmax_def csum_czero2 r)

lemma cmax_cprod: "cmax r s =o r *c s"
proof (cases "r ≤o s")
  case True
  hence "cmax r s =o s" by (metis cmax2 r s)
  also have "s =o r *c s" by (metis Cinfinite_Cnotzero True cprod_infinite2' ordIso_symmetric r s)
  finally show ?thesis .
  case False
  hence "s ≤o r" by (metis ordLeq_total r s card_order_on_def)
  hence "cmax r s =o r" by (metis cmax1 r s)
  also have "r =o r *c s" by (metis Cinfinite_Cnotzero s ≤o r cprod_infinite1' ordIso_symmetric r s)
  finally show ?thesis .


lemma Card_order_cmax:
  assumes r: "Card_order r" and s: "Card_order s"
  shows "Card_order (cmax r s)"
  unfolding cmax_def by (auto simp: Card_order_csum)

lemma ordLeq_cmax:
  assumes r: "Card_order r" and s: "Card_order s"
  shows "r ≤o cmax r s  s ≤o cmax r s"
  by (meson card_order_on_def cmax1 cmax2 ordIso_iff_ordLeq ordLeq_total ordLeq_transitive r s)

lemmas ordLeq_cmax1 = ordLeq_cmax[THEN conjunct1] and
  ordLeq_cmax2 = ordLeq_cmax[THEN conjunct2]

lemma finite_cmax:
  assumes r: "Card_order r" and s: "Card_order s"
  shows "finite (Field (cmax r s))  finite (Field r)  finite (Field s)"
  by (meson card_order_on_def cmax1 cmax2 ordIso_finite_Field ordLeq_finite_Field ordLeq_total r s)