Stone-Kleene Relation Algebras


Title: Stone-Kleene Relation Algebras
Author: Walter Guttmann
Submission date: 2017-07-06
Abstract: We develop Stone-Kleene relation algebras, which expand Stone relation algebras with a Kleene star operation to describe reachability in weighted graphs. Many properties of the Kleene star arise as a special case of a more general theory of iteration based on Conway semirings extended by simulation axioms. This includes several theorems representing complex program transformations. We formally prove the correctness of Conway's automata-based construction of the Kleene star of a matrix. We prove numerous results useful for reasoning about weighted graphs.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Stone_Relation_Algebras
Used by: Aggregation_Algebras, Relational_Disjoint_Set_Forests
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