Promela Formalization


Title: Promela Formalization
Author: René Neumann (rene /dot/ neumann /at/ in /dot/ tum /dot/ de)
Submission date: 2014-05-28
Abstract: We present an executable formalization of the language Promela, the description language for models of the model checker SPIN. This formalization is part of the work for a completely verified model checker (CAVA), but also serves as a useful (and executable!) description of the semantics of the language itself, something that is currently missing. The formalization uses three steps: It takes an abstract syntax tree generated from an SML parser, removes syntactic sugar and enriches it with type information. This further gets translated into a transition system, on which the semantic engine (read: successor function) operates.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: CAVA_Automata, LTL
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