Theory Refine_Imperative_HOL.Pf_Mono_Prover

section ‹Interfacing Partial-Function's Monotonicity Prover›
theory Pf_Mono_Prover
imports Separation_Logic_Imperative_HOL.Sep_Main
  (* TODO: Adjust mono-prover accordingly  *)
  (* Wraps mono-prover of partial-function to erase premises. 
    This is a workaround for mono_tac, which does not accept premises if the case-split rule is applied. *)

ML structure Pf_Mono_Prover = struct
    fun mono_tac ctxt = (REPEAT o eresolve_tac ctxt @{thms thin_rl})
      THEN' Partial_Function.mono_tac ctxt

method_setup pf_mono = Scan.succeed (fn ctxt => SIMPLE_METHOD' (Pf_Mono_Prover.mono_tac ctxt)) ‹Monotonicity prover of the partial function package›