Theory BDD_Code

theory BDD_Code
imports Level_Collapse
section‹Code export›
theory BDD_Code
imports Level_Collapse

text‹For convenience reasons, the code export is in a separate theory. For Haskell, we only have to reactivate the original equation for @{term blit}. Other languages might need an implementation for it.›

lemma [code del]:
    "blit src si dst di len
      = blit' src (integer_of_nat si) dst (integer_of_nat di)
          (integer_of_nat len)" by (simp add: blit'_def)
declare blit_def[code]

export_code open iteci_lu notci andci orci nandci norci biimpci xorci ifci tci fci tautci emptyci graphifyci litci eqci checking Haskell