Theory Trie_Impl

(*  Title:       Isabelle Collections Library
    Author:      Andreas Lochbihler <andreas dot lochbihler at>
    Maintainer:  Andreas Lochbihler <andreas dot lochbihler at>
section ‹\isaheader{Implementation of a trie with explicit invariants}›
theory Trie_Impl imports

subsection ‹Interuptible iterator›

fun iteratei_postfixed :: "'key list  ('key, 'val) trie  
    ('key list × 'val, ) set_iterator"
  "iteratei_postfixed ks (Trie vo ts) c f σ =
   (if c σ 
    then foldli ts c (λ(k, t) σ. iteratei_postfixed (k # ks) t c f σ)
           (case vo of None  σ | Some v  f (ks, v) σ) 
    else σ)"

definition iteratei :: "('key, 'val) trie  ('key list × 'val, ) set_iterator"
where "iteratei t c f σ = iteratei_postfixed [] t c f σ"

lemma iteratei_postfixed_interrupt:
  "¬ c σ  iteratei_postfixed ks t c f σ = σ"
by(cases t) simp

lemma iteratei_interrupt:
  "¬ c σ  iteratei t c f σ = σ"
unfolding iteratei_def by (simp add: iteratei_postfixed_interrupt)

lemma iteratei_postfixed_alt_def :
  "iteratei_postfixed ks ((Trie vo ts)::('key, 'val) trie) =
     (case_option set_iterator_emp (λv. set_iterator_sng (ks, v)) vo) 
     (set_iterator_image snd
     (set_iterator_product (foldli ts) 
        (λ(k, t'). iteratei_postfixed (k # ks) t'))
proof -
  have aux: "c f. (λ(k, t). iteratei_postfixed (k # ks) t c f) =
              (λa. iteratei_postfixed (fst a # ks) (snd a) c f)"
    by auto

  show ?thesis
    apply (rule ext)+ apply (rename_tac c f σ)
    apply (simp add: set_iterator_product_def set_iterator_image_filter_def
                     set_iterator_union_def set_iterator_sng_def set_iterator_image_alt_def
                     case_prod_beta set_iterator_emp_def 
            split: option.splits)
    apply (simp add: aux)

lemma iteratei_postfixed_correct :
  assumes invar: "invar_trie (t :: ('key, 'val) trie)"
  shows "set_iterator ((iteratei_postfixed ks0 t)::('key list × 'val, ) set_iterator)
           ((λksv. (rev (fst ksv) @ ks0, (snd ksv))) ` (map_to_set (lookup_trie t)))"
using invar
proof (induct t arbitrary: ks0)
  case (Trie vo kvs)
  note ind_hyp = Trie(1)
  note invar = Trie(2)

  from invar 
  have dist_fst_kvs : "distinct (map fst kvs)"
   and dist_kvs: "distinct kvs"
   and invar_child: "k t. (k, t)  set kvs  invar_trie t"
  by (simp_all add: Ball_def distinct_map)

  ― ‹root iterator›
  define it_vo :: "('key list × 'val, ) set_iterator"
    where "it_vo =
      (case vo of None  set_iterator_emp 
       | Some v  set_iterator_sng (ks0, v))"
  define vo_S where "vo_S = (case vo of None  {} | Some v  {(ks0, v)})"
  have it_vo_OK: "set_iterator it_vo vo_S"
    unfolding it_vo_def vo_S_def
    by (simp split: option.split 
             add: set_iterator_emp_correct set_iterator_sng_correct)

  ― ‹children iterator›
  define it_prod :: "(('key × ('key, 'val) trie) × 'key list × 'val, ) set_iterator"
    where "it_prod = set_iterator_product (foldli kvs) (λ(k, y). iteratei_postfixed (k # ks0) y)"

  define it_prod_S where "it_prod_S = (SIGMA kt:set kvs.
       (λksv. (rev (fst ksv) @ ((fst kt) # ks0), snd ksv)) `
       map_to_set (lookup_trie (snd kt)))"

  have it_prod_OK: "set_iterator it_prod it_prod_S"
  proof -
    from set_iterator_foldli_correct[OF dist_kvs]
    have it_foldli: "set_iterator (foldli kvs) (set kvs)" .

    { fix kt 
      assume kt_in: "kt  set kvs"
      hence k_t_in: "(fst kt, snd kt)  set kvs" by simp

      note ind_hyp [OF k_t_in, OF invar_child[OF k_t_in], of "fst kt # ks0"]
    } note it_child = this
    show ?thesis
      unfolding it_prod_def it_prod_S_def
      apply (rule set_iterator_product_correct [OF it_foldli])
      apply (insert it_child)
      apply (simp add: case_prod_beta)

  have it_image_OK : "set_iterator (set_iterator_image snd it_prod) (snd ` it_prod_S)"
  proof (rule set_iterator_image_correct[OF it_prod_OK])
    from dist_fst_kvs
    have "k v1 v2. (k, v1)  set kvs  (k, v2)  set kvs  v1 = v2"
       by (induct kvs) (auto simp add: image_iff)
    thus "inj_on snd it_prod_S" 
      unfolding inj_on_def it_prod_S_def
      apply (simp add: image_iff Ball_def map_to_set_def)
      apply auto
  qed auto

  ― ‹overall iterator›
  have it_all_OK: "set_iterator 
      ((iteratei_postfixed ks0 (Trie vo kvs)):: ('key list × 'val, ) set_iterator)
     (vo_S  snd ` it_prod_S)"
    unfolding iteratei_postfixed_alt_def 
  proof (rule set_iterator_union_correct [OF it_vo_OK it_image_OK])
    show "vo_S  snd ` it_prod_S = {}"
      unfolding vo_S_def it_prod_S_def
      by (simp split: option.split add: set_eq_iff image_iff)

  ― ‹rewrite result set›
  have it_set_rewr: "((λksv. (rev (fst ksv) @ ks0, snd ksv)) `
      map_to_set (lookup_trie (Trie vo kvs))) = (vo_S  snd ` it_prod_S)"
    (is "?ls = ?rs")
    apply (simp add: map_to_set_def lookup_eq_Some_iff[OF invar]
                     set_eq_iff image_iff vo_S_def it_prod_S_def Ball_def Bex_def)
    apply (simp split: option.split del: ex_simps add: ex_simps[symmetric])
    apply (intro allI impI iffI)
    apply auto[]
    apply (metis append_Cons append_Nil append_assoc rev.simps)
  ― ‹done›
  show ?case
    unfolding it_set_rewr using it_all_OK by fast

definition trie_reverse_key where
  "trie_reverse_key ksv = (rev (fst ksv), (snd ksv))"

lemma trie_reverse_key_alt_def[code] :
  "trie_reverse_key (ks, v) = (rev ks, v)"
unfolding trie_reverse_key_def by auto

lemma trie_reverse_key_reverse[simp] :
  "trie_reverse_key (trie_reverse_key ksv) = ksv"
by (simp add: trie_reverse_key_def)

lemma trie_iteratei_correct:
  assumes invar: "invar_trie (t :: ('key, 'val) trie)"
  shows "set_iterator ((iteratei t)::('key list × 'val, ) set_iterator)
           (trie_reverse_key ` (map_to_set (lookup_trie t)))"
unfolding trie_reverse_key_def[abs_def] iteratei_def[abs_def]
using iteratei_postfixed_correct [OF invar, of "[]"]
by simp

hide_const (open) iteratei
hide_type (open) trie