Transport via Partial Galois Connections and Equivalences

Kevin Kappelmann 📧

October 11, 2023

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This entry contains the accompanying formalisation of the paper "Transport via Partial Galois Connections and Equivalences" (APLAS 2023). It contains a theoretical framework to transport programs via equivalences, subsuming the theory of Isabelle's Lifting package. It also contains a prototype to automate transports using this framework in Isabelle/HOL, but this prototype is not yet ready for production. Finally, it contains a library on top of Isabelle/HOL's axioms, including various relativised concepts on orders, functions, binary relations, and Galois connections and equivalences.


BSD License


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  • Kappelmann, K. (2023). Transport via Partial Galois Connections and Equivalences. ArXiv.

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