Transition Systems and Automata


Title: Transition Systems and Automata
Author: Julian Brunner
Submission date: 2017-10-19
Abstract: This entry provides a very abstract theory of transition systems that can be instantiated to express various types of automata. A transition system is typically instantiated by providing a set of initial states, a predicate for enabled transitions, and a transition execution function. From this, it defines the concepts of finite and infinite paths as well as the set of reachable states, among other things. Many useful theorems, from basic path manipulation rules to coinduction and run construction rules, are proven in this abstract transition system context. The library comes with instantiations for DFAs, NFAs, and B├╝chi automata.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Collections, DFS_Framework, Gabow_SCC
Used by: Adaptive_State_Counting, Buchi_Complementation, LTL_Master_Theorem, Partial_Order_Reduction
Status: [ok] This is a development version of this entry. It might change over time and is not stable. Please refer to release versions for citations.