A Separation Logic Framework for Imperative HOL


Title: A Separation Logic Framework for Imperative HOL
Authors: Peter Lammich and Rene Meis (rene /dot/ meis /at/ uni-due /dot/ de)
Submission date: 2012-11-14
Abstract: We provide a framework for separation-logic based correctness proofs of Imperative HOL programs. Our framework comes with a set of proof methods to automate canonical tasks such as verification condition generation and frame inference. Moreover, we provide a set of examples that show the applicability of our framework. The examples include algorithms on lists, hash-tables, and union-find trees. We also provide abstract interfaces for lists, maps, and sets, that allow to develop generic imperative algorithms and use data-refinement techniques.
As we target Imperative HOL, our programs can be translated to efficiently executable code in various target languages, including ML, OCaml, Haskell, and Scala.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Automatic_Refinement, Collections, Native_Word
Used by: UpDown_Scheme
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