A Preprocessor for Linear Diophantine Equalities and Inequalities

René Thiemann 🌐

June 13, 2024

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We formalize a combination algorithm to preprocess a set of linear diophantine equations and inequalities. It consists of three techniques that are applied exhaustively.
  • Pugh's technique of tightening linear inequalities,
  • Bromberger and Weidenbach's algorithm to detect implicit equalities – here we make use of an incremental implementation of the simplex algorithm, and
  • Griggio's diophantine equation solver to eliminate all detected equations.
In total, given some linear input constraints, the preprocessor will either detect unsatisfiability in \(\mathbb{Z}\), or it returns equi-satisfiable inequalities, which moreover are all strictly satisfiable in \(\mathbb{Q}\).


BSD License


Related publications

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