The LambdaMu-calculus


Title: The LambdaMu-calculus
Authors: Cristina Matache (cris /dot/ matache /at/ gmail /dot/ com), Victor B. F. Gomes (vb358 /at/ cl /dot/ cam /dot/ ac /dot/ uk) and Dominic P. Mulligan (Dominic /dot/ Mulligan /at/ arm /dot/ com)
Submission date: 2017-08-16
Abstract: The propositions-as-types correspondence is ordinarily presented as linking the metatheory of typed λ-calculi and the proof theory of intuitionistic logic. Griffin observed that this correspondence could be extended to classical logic through the use of control operators. This observation set off a flurry of further research, leading to the development of Parigots λμ-calculus. In this work, we formalise λμ- calculus in Isabelle/HOL and prove several metatheoretical properties such as type preservation and progress.
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License: BSD License
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