A shallow embedding of HyperCTL*


Title: A shallow embedding of HyperCTL*
Authors: Markus N. Rabe, Peter Lammich and Andrei Popescu
Submission date: 2014-04-16
Abstract: We formalize HyperCTL*, a temporal logic for expressing security properties. We first define a shallow embedding of HyperCTL*, within which we prove inductive and coinductive rules for the operators. Then we show that a HyperCTL* formula captures Goguen-Meseguer noninterference, a landmark information flow property. We also define a deep embedding and connect it to the shallow embedding by a denotational semantics, for which we prove sanity w.r.t. dependence on the free variables. Finally, we show that under some finiteness assumptions about the model, noninterference is given by a (finitary) syntactic formula.
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License: BSD License
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