Echelon Form


Title: Echelon Form
Authors: Jose Divasón and Jesús Aransay
Submission date: 2015-02-12
Abstract: We formalize an algorithm to compute the Echelon Form of a matrix. We have proved its existence over Bézout domains and made it executable over Euclidean domains, such as the integer ring and the univariate polynomials over a field. This allows us to compute determinants, inverses and characteristic polynomials of matrices. The work is based on the HOL-Multivariate Analysis library, and on both the Gauss-Jordan and Cayley-Hamilton AFP entries. As a by-product, some algebraic structures have been implemented (principal ideal domains, Bézout domains...). The algorithm has been refined to immutable arrays and code can be generated to functional languages as well.
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License: BSD License
Depends on: Cayley_Hamilton, Gauss_Jordan, Rank_Nullity_Theorem
Used by: Hermite
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