Binomial Heaps and Skew Binomial Heaps


Title: Binomial Heaps and Skew Binomial Heaps
Authors: Rene Meis (rene /dot/ meis /at/ uni-due /dot/ de), Finn Nielsen (finn /dot/ nielsen /at/ uni-muenster /dot/ de) and Peter Lammich
Submission date: 2010-10-28
Abstract: We implement and prove correct binomial heaps and skew binomial heaps. Both are data-structures for priority queues. While binomial heaps have logarithmic findMin, deleteMin, insert, and meld operations, skew binomial heaps have constant time findMin, insert, and meld operations, and only the deleteMin-operation is logarithmic. This is achieved by using skew links to avoid cascading linking on insert-operations, and data-structural bootstrapping to get constant-time findMin and meld operations. Our implementation follows the paper by Brodal and Okasaki.
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License: BSD License
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