Belief Revision Theory

Valentin Fouillard 📧, Safouan Taha 📧, Frédéric Boulanger 📧 and Nicolas Sabouret

October 19, 2021

This is a development version of this entry. It might change over time and is not stable. Please refer to release versions for citations.


The 1985 paper by Carlos Alchourrón, Peter Gärdenfors, and David Makinson (AGM), “On the Logic of Theory Change: Partial Meet Contraction and Revision Functions” launches a large and rapidly growing literature that employs formal models and logics to handle changing beliefs of a rational agent and to take into account new piece of information observed by this agent. In 2011, a review book titled "AGM 25 Years: Twenty-Five Years of Research in Belief Change" was edited to summarize the first twenty five years of works based on AGM. This HOL-based AFP entry is a faithful formalization of the AGM operators (e.g. contraction, revision, remainder ...) axiomatized in the original paper. It also contains the proofs of all the theorems stated in the paper that show how these operators combine. Both proofs of Harper and Levi identities are established.


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